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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  •  Is this legal?
    • Yes.  Anybody can rent this piece of equipment.  The buying, production, selling, and/or serving of alcohol in Oregon is regulated by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.  Similarly, the production, storage, and/or serving of food is regulated at the state, county, and, potentially, municipal level in Oregon.  It is up to each renter to ensure that they are following all applicable laws and regulations. Each trailer renter must agree to abide by all laws and regulations in the use of this trailer. is more than happy to provide you with more information about how easy it is to obtain the relevant permits for alcohol serving in various venues.
  • Is it cool?
    • Yes, in fact it’s plenty cold for nearly every beer served.  Our cooler can reach temperatures at or just below 35 degrees Fahrenheit in ideal conditions – less than ideal conditions will result in temperatures around 40 degrees Fahrenheit (about the temperature of your typical home refrigerator).  These kinds of temperatures ensure that your keg will taste as good as possible.  What conditions affect the trailer:  Heat, light, and humidity.  As each of these goes up, the trailer has to work harder to keep up – the trailer warms slightly.
  • Can you give me a better deal?
    • Maybe, we do offer bulk discounts for those wanting long-term rentals.  Similarly, if you have a particular need, we will get the right equipment to make it work for you.  Give Ryan a call at 503 708 0983 to discuss your options.
  • Does your trailer stay cold when unplugged or in transit?
    • That is a complicated question/answer.  Our trailers use R-20 level insulation at a minimum on the floors and walls of the trailer.  This means that your cold products will stay cold for a long, long time after their initial chilling.  A keg of beer in the center of the trailer might require 6 or more hours to reach 40 degrees (a reasonable cut off for most American beers serving suggestions).  However, the trailer is not equipped to run while traveling.  This is for several reasons, the first of which is that most vehicles that people use to haul trailers do not come equipped with a 2kw power inverter nor the alternator to produce that much power.  This is why we insist that your rented trailer be plugged in to a 110 volt 20amp (minimum) dedicated service upon its arrival.  It is best to allow beer or other liquids to cool and settle for many hours before serving – preferably overnight or longer.  This is why we have a minimum rental policy.  We want you to be happy 😉
  • How big is a keg of beer?  How many can I fit?
    • Your rented keg trailer will be approximately 5 foot 2 inches wide and about 10 feet long.  As you can see, the half-barrel keg on the right is what most distributors and breweries use.  You can see that you will be able to fit about 20 kegs in our standard 6×12 trailer.  That’s a lot of beer!  Our only concern is that you do not exceed the maximum weight capacity for each trailer.  The 6×12 foot trailer is loaded with dual axles and the trailer is capable of carrying over 4800 lbs of additional cargo.  Each half barrel keg weighs about 160-170 lbs.  This means you can fit over 20 kegs without even getting close to the weight limit.  Once you get on site, you can add even more kegs as this doesn’t stress the axles to nearly the same degree.
      Our trailers are built for a party.keg dimensions
  • What all can I get with the trailer?
    • Our list of additional options (that all come standard) include exterior LED light strings (choose white, warm white, blue, red, purple, or green), plastic serving table, customizable tap handles (with included white board markers), beer* and wine bottle openers*, and cigarette lighters*.*=when available

      tap handle selection for refrigerated keg trailer

      We have 3 sets of customizable tap handles for your trailer rental. We supply a wide range of pens that are easily cleaned off with warm water and a soft cloth or use our included cleaner. We still supply the standard, clean black tap handle as seen in the image above.

    • These items are enclosed in your trailer’s rental bay with each rental and you are free to take what you would like to make your event beverage serving exactly as you like.  Just be sure to bring each item back, please.  Because we offer so many options to configure your trailer exactly to your liking, we have to charge for such items that are not returned or damaged beyond normal wear and tear.
  • What are the faucets like?
    • We use the highest quality taps on the market.  The Perlick 650 is the perfect beer tap/faucet/spigot.  It includes an additional control that allows you to control the flow rate of your beer.  This unique feature makes handling frosted glasses or filling hard-to-fill containers like growlers or bottles a breeze. perlick650
    • This is especially true with the growler filler plug in which permits easy filling of other shapes of containers.  This is included at no extra cost to you.  We want you and your guests to have the best time possible.perlick growler adapterThese standard features are what ensure that Molalla Trailers should be your choice for beverage solutions at your next wedding, party, or company event.
  • What kind of vehicle must I own?
    • Any larger truck equipped with electric brakes and a hitch capable of hauling the amount of weight you put in the trailer (along with the weight of the trailer).  This means that fully loaded, your truck should be able to haul 7000 pounds (the rated maximum for the trailer’s axles).  The trailer when empty weights about 2000 pounds, meaning you can put about 5000 pounds of beer/kegs/other materials in it.  Our trailers have an included RV style (7 pin/blade – round) electric connection. Other electrical needs should be discussed with Ryan at 503 708 0983.  The trailer hitch requires a 2 and 5/16inch ball (no! No other ball will work).  We can supply the ball; however, you will need a vehicle that can safely hook up such equipment.
  • Do I have to have insurance on the trailer?
    • Yes.  You need to have your own insurance that will act as the primary insurance.  You are liable for any and all damages from the use of the trailer and to the trailer.  You should also have event insurance with an alcohol coverage if you plan on serving alcohol from the trailer.  Talk to your insurance provider to make sure you are covered completely!
  • What kind of electrical connection do I need on site?
    • The trailer will require a dedicated 15 amp circuit at a minimum.  The trailer is equipped with it’s own 30 amp circuit breaker and is equipped with external GFCI outlets and breaker controls.  The trailer is supplied ready to run 30 amp power in.  However, acknowledging that many of our customers will require an alternative power source (like typical household 110volt 15 amp service) we have an adapter to convert the onboard 30 amp cord to hook in to your own extension cord.  It is strongly recommended that each customer consult with an electrician to ensure that the extension cord to be used is adequate to supply the trailer with true 110 volt and at least 15 amp service.  If this is unclear please feel free to call, email, and consult with your own electrician to confirm your ability to safely provide adequate power.
  • Why do you make the customer rent for multiple days?  I only need it for one day.
    • The minimum rental period is to ensure that you, the customer, is happy.  By having a multiple day rental period, we ensure that you have plenty of time to get your beer, get it to your venue, get the trailer cold, and have time to relax and enjoy a cold one.  Then, after your event, the last thing we want is you worrying about getting the trailer back to us, especially after a few more cold ones.  That is why we have a minimum rental policy.  The minimum rental period is all about customer satisfaction.  If you have a special circumstance in which a shorter period might be considered, please call; however, be aware that most customers are quite pleased with the cost and policies of Molalla Trailers.