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Welcome to Molalla Trailers, based in Molalla, Oregon – on the beautiful eastern edge of the Willamette Valley. Molalla Trailers is an independently and locally owned business that specializes in providing your cold drink dispensing needs. We have refrigerated keg trailer rentals built to dispense from exterior taps. These taps pour life into any event! Lavish wedding, we can do it.  Small party, we can do it.  We are your source for cold, portable drink dispensing.

Whether your event will have multiple trailer sites with hundreds of taps and kegs or just a small, intimate family party with a couple of kegs and taps, we have your solution.  Call us today or click the appropriate link to rent your keg trailers and other equipment.  We also have a full line of ice troughs, refrigerators, and other beverage dispensing solutions for your party, event, wedding, or similar get together.  To find out more about how Molalla Trailers makes it simple for your to obtain a keg trailer rental, please check out our How it Works page.

Benefits of Keg Trailer Rentals from Molalla Trailers

Our keg trailers come with a sealed interior.  This tough material is easy to clean and ensures a tight seal to keep your kegs cold – the only way they should be.  Our trailers feature at least four inches of insulation so that your beverage will stay cold for hours, even without any source of power.

Unlike our competitors at the large brewery distributors, we prefer that you get the perfect beverage selection for your event.  By using our trailer, you are not bound by what a distributor has available.  You can go to your local craft brewery and get exactly what you want.  Similarly, if you want to serve home brewed beer, we can set lines for cornelius kegs.  We have the ability to meet your needs whether it is a couple of kegs of homebrew or 20 kegs of wine.  Do not let yourself settle for competitors that will insist on using their beer.  Get what you want by choosing Molalla Trailers for your next event.  Sold on our trailer, but need some help finding a good beer?  We can help with that!

Find out about our customizable options on our How it Works page.  Need more support?  We can help you with custom banners, tap handles, and other accessories.  We want your keg trailer rental to be perfect.

Keg trailers paired with a generator (yes, we rent those too) can be taken virtually anywhere.  Our trailers can be used by hunters to keep harvested meat cold.  Our keg trailer rentals can be used by farmers to keep produce cold en route to market.  Our keg trailer rentals make every wedding much more fun and easier to plan.  Our keg trailer rentals will bring life to your planned event.

This is a picture of the interior of the trailer. You can note the cooler unit and controller in the middle of the picture and the serving window with its insulation visible (so that it can be easily swapped out for other numbers of kegs or other uses). Missing from the picture (for obvious reasons) is the plastic air screen that prevents drafts from the doors.

Pink and purple lights on the keg trailer

Your keg trailer rental should be exactly what you want. Our line of lights and customizable tap handles means that your event won’t be themed – except for the beer. We will meet your need for lighting, banners, etc. We want your visitors to know that you cared about their experience at your party, wedding, or other event.

Keg trailer tap handles tv

A Molalla Trailers keg dispenser trailer.

Ready to Get your Refrigerated Trailer Rental?

If you feel like you’re ready to rent.  Click on the Rent Now link to go through our automated system.  If you have any questions or concerns before, please feel free to call the number below or send us an email.

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